Practice Information


Western Sydney University
Hawkesbury Campus

Located within Connect Fitness Gym.

Building K27, Cnr of Vines Drive and Smithys Place, Richmond 2753.

Parking information

Parking is available in Car Park P37 opposite Connect Fitness.

Parking is free for NaturoCath clients – however you will need to obtain a parking pass to avoid a fine.

Please come 5 mins before your appointment to collect a parking pass.

Your first appointment

Please allow at least an hour for your first appointment.

Things to bring to your first appointment:

  • X-rays or scans
  • Recent blood tests (within last six months)
  • A list of current medications and dosage


What price do you place on your health and wellbeing? We pay to have our cars fixed, our hair done, for facials and dinners at restaurants but we take our bodies for granted even though we drive around in them all day every day. I use high quality, effective, practitioner only ranges of medications and supplements which are only prescribed when needed.
Herbal medicines and supplement prices vary according to treatment plans.

First consultation:                 $90  (WSU gym members $75)

Subsequent appointments: $60 (WSU gym members $50)

WSU gym members also receive a 10% discount on any purchased supplements.

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