Ho, Ho, Ho

merry christmas

Well this week has been an eye opener for me.

I have seen people deeply grateful for a fancy lunch at a restaurant which offers free food and presents as a grand gesture of Christmas community cheer. I have eaten yummy food and played with my gorgeous one year old niece who has single handedly bought back all the ooh and ahhh of Christmas again. There’s nothing quite like a baby to make you smile especially when she is babbling away and playing with her new toys.

I have seen a family benefit from a donation of toys and other goodies from a dear friend of mine. It’s incredibly heart warming to see complete strangers impacting in such a lovely way on each others lives.
I have said cheerio to clients till next year and watched them walk off with their arms loaded up with herbal medicines knowing that no amount of naturopathy is going to negate all the pudding they are going to eat ha ha ha.

I have spent hours in various supermarkets and fruit shops stocking up the pantry for the big day. I have listened to people get cranky and yell at their children. I’ve heard them threaten to call Santa and tell him to not bring the presents. I have seen people getting pushy and frustrated and not very cheery at all. To those people I say ” Bah Humbug!” and I also say that if the shops are trying your patience imagine how it feels when you are three years old.  So just stop buying into the hype and be gentle with the little souls entrusted to you.

I have been busy playing with my baby chickens, cleaning the house, planning the food and wrapping the presents.

I have been feeling hugely grateful for the fact that I can afford to do this and that I have a beautiful family to share it all with.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.


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