Mother’s Day


Some of you may be aware that I have taken up the challenge and opportunity of being publicly grateful for 365 days. I’m up to day 177 and it was especially easy for me to be thankful today.

Here’s my post for today   ”  Day 177 – Today I am feeling incredibly grateful and blessed to have my trio of delights with me on Mothers Day. I have been loved up and am feeling overwhelmed by their kindness.
I am also sending a big hug out into the universe for my own mother who has been gone for many years now and to all of you who are missing your mums today xxx  ”

I have three truly amazing children. They are the best friends you could ever hope for… loyal, kind, thoughtful, honest, insightful, ethical, loving and quick to cuddle. What more could a mother want ?

Today I have felt so loved – cups of tea in bed, hand picked flowers, pancakes for breakfast, beautiful heartfelt cards. I am so blessed and have been mindful of the fact that not all of us have our mothers or children with us and the heartache of that can be oh so profound.

For the past 13 years Mother’s Day has been a hard one for me. My mother died a painful and cruel death at the hands of the cancer which had managed to work itself into just about every inch of her body. I have missed her and longed for her to know my children and to meet my huge hearted husband. She has been robbed of so much in not knowing them.

Over the last few years many of my dear friends have lost their mothers. Frighteningly it has been mostly to cancer of one horrible sort or another. I don’t think you ever truly get used to the idea of being motherless no matter how old you are and the loss of that incredibly intimate relationship can never truly be replaced.

I am also aware of people who, for one reason or another, have not been able to have the children they so desired. It something I am thankful that I never had to face.

It can be a tough gig this motherhood but the great things are never without effort.

So here’s to all the mothers in all their forms. Birth mothers, foster mothers, kind hearted women who love us like a mother, grandmothers, childless mothers who have yet to fulfil their hopes and to the children we love so much.

Happy Mothers Day xx

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