The benefits of change and renewal …


It has been raining here for a week or so and I don’t mean a dainty sprinkle. It’s been bucketing down on and off and we even had a mighty thunder storm which dumped a bunch of hail on us essentially wrecking the garden.

I was feeling pretty bummed at the sight of my shredded vegetable gardens, especially the basil which was thriving and getting to the point where it was begging to be made into some seriously good pesto.

Due to the rain and my general feeling of despondency I hadn’t been into the garden for a week or so which is unheard of for me. It’s usually my happy place where I hang out to regain a little peace and feel the benefits of putting my hands in the earth.

Things are changing today ! I have decided to rally. I have ripped out all the battered plants (except for the basil which I am hoping will make a miraculous recovery ), dug in some cow poo and planted some seedlings – pak choy, red cabbage, lettuces, broccoli and parsley. I am hoping the rain settles long enough for them to dig in and thrive.

It has been a big week at my house with lots of change. Kids going to uni, work offers, trashed gardens and life in general. Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming and change can feel unsettling. I am going to try to take a lesson from the garden – sometimes things can look a little trashed, they can seem messy and unproductive but when you step back and take a look it’s an opportunity to start again – to try something different or to do something old in a new way.

I have been watching my children embracing change and being really brave about so many things. Leaving school, going to new universities where you know no-one, facing demons, doing things that really scare them, persevering with difficult things…. they are amazing people.

So my aim for this week is to embrace the change and to be more like them. I know that it can take a while to get used to new ways but I am going to try to look at things in a positive way – to see the changes as possibilities rather than losses. Wish me luck ……

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