Super hot days, fainting and the best iced tea ever….


It’s hot here at the moment… I mean really hot. The last couple of days has seen temperatures heading into the 40’s. Sadly lots of people around the country are affected by bush fires but, touch wood, we are safe. Hello Australian summer.

Hot weather is not my friend and yesterday was not one of my finest moments. My blood pressure had taken a dive ( it is normally quite low so doesn’t take much of a drop to make me drop ) and  I probably wasn’t coping all that well with the heat. Next thing I know I am face down on the bathroom floor after fainting and cracking my head on the hob of the shower. Not much fun really, I can think of better ways to spend my day.

So today is another hot one and I am being a bit more careful with myself. Lots of water, cool fruit and reading of books in front of the fan. I have even finally gotten myself one of those dinky little air conditioners that cools a room and despite the fact that it is not the most environmentally appliance to be using it certainly is Cath friendly. I figure if I only use it on these super hot, 40+ degree Australian sumer days then that’s not too bad. It also saves me concussion and that’s got to be good.

So if you are dealing with these extremes of temperatures make sure you keep drinking and stay out of the sun. You need to take particular care if you are in an at risk group such as the very young or very old, diabetic, have a thyroid disorder or if, like me, you are prone to a bit of fainting. I never seem to swoon gracefully like they do in the movies. I’m more of a go pale and sweaty and clunk onto the floor kind of girl. I am aiming to keep that to a minimum.

We are downing lots of ice tea here at the moment. Here’s the recipe…

Make up a pot of rooibos tea or steep a few tea bags in a cup of boiling water.
Pour the tea into a 2 litre jug and top with cold water.
Add ice, lemon juice or even some good quality or homemade lemon cordial
Chop up some mint and add to the jug.
Grate a 5cm pice of ginger and squeeze the pulp to get that yummy ginger juice into the jug.

This drink is so good for you, is so much better than any nasty soft drink or store bought tea and has the added benefits of all those antioxidants from the rooibos tea.

If you or your little ones are looking for a cooling treat why not try my  “dairy free ice cream”

Stay cool.


2 thoughts on “Super hot days, fainting and the best iced tea ever….

  1. becauseitsgoodforyou February 4, 2013 / 1:05 am

    I love rooibos tea! It’s also been unusually warm here in California as well. I am definitely trying out this tea recipe.

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