The detox diet myth…


It’s about this time of year that the marketing for detoxing really amps up. There’s the overpriced, often dangerous and under performing lemon detox diet and bikini diet. There are diets that advocate fasting or eliminating whole food groups and some that say you can detoxify your body by wearing sticky patches on the souls of your feet ! The list goes on and on promising all sorts of unrealistic and often unsubstantiated claims. My all time non favourite, grind my teeth in frustration kind of diet is the one that tells you that you need to starve yourself in order to eliminate toxins… this just doesn’t make sense. Your body needs good nutrition in order to function optimally.

Our bodies are designed to deal with toxins through elimination via our kidneys, liver, skin and lungs. Sure, we are all exposed to more toxins than ever and many people are eating their way to an unhealthy toxic load through food that really isn’t food at all but it doesn’t make any sense to me to starve and stress a body which is already dealing with the heavy workload of keeping us healthy.

What makes a whole lot more sense to me is to provide your body with nutritional and herbal support so that our natural detoxifying systems can work optimally. Of course we need to limit the toxic load by eating real food and staying away from harmful chemicals, cleaning products and cosmetics. When you decrease your toxic load and increase your bodies capacity to deal with toxins you are on your way to feeling a whole lot better.

You can start today by upping your plant based meals and drinking lots of water, exercising enough to work up a sweat and getting rid of any cleaning products or cosmetics that are loaded up with nasties. Try to eat as organically as you can or better yet grow your food so you truly know what’s in it.

For help and support in getting your new year off to a cracking healthy start call me today  and make an appointment for a personalised detox/health enhancing program.

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