Twas the night before Christmas….



This has been a big year for me and my family and the word on the street is that we are not alone in this. Our lives are busy so starting to write this blog felt like a big undertaking.  I thought it would be a resource for my clients and a chance for me to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about naturopathy and what I offer.

Unexpectedly it has turned into something much more satisfying and I have really enjoyed sending my thoughts, ideas and recipes out into the ether and into your lives.

What started out as an idea about growing my business has turned into a journal of sorts and the opportunity to build a community of encouraging, funny and insightful readers.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support and the interest you have shown in my musings. It has been my pleasure to share these 100 posts and I am hoping to continue into 2013.

May the year ahead be one of happiness and good health for you and your families.

Looking forward to lots more posts and hopefully the chance to work with some of you next year.

Merry Christmas.

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