The moral of the story ….

Things are starting to slow down in the clinic now in readiness for the holidays and I notice that people are becoming very focused at the moment on Christmas preparations.  I have been spending the extra time at my disposal in the garden growing our Christmas lunch and hanging around with my gorgeous kids.  My husband and I have also started a kitchen garden at the school he teaches at and I am enjoying being part of something so valuable.

I have been hearing from friends and clients that they are feeling very stressed, that they are tired of being with all the cranky people at the shops and that they are feeling overwhelmed by the expense and fuss at this time of year. Maybe it’s time to take stock of how you want to spend these holidays, and your money, and set aside some time to reduce your stress.

It’s often difficult to negotiate a Christmas celebration that feels right for you, is within your budget and is in alignment with your ethics. See more about this at

Even though this is traditionally a time of indulgence, and I’m all for a bit of that, it’s also important to remember to keep things at a level that is healthy for you.

While I was at the gym this morning I ran into a woman who had made an appointment to see me about some serious health issues but who had cancelled at the last minute.
She told me that she was feeling very unwell but that she felt she “couldn’t afford to do anything about it at the moment because she had racked up $3000 in credit card bills for Christmas presents”.

Moral of the story – maybe we all need to have a think about where we want to put our energy, time and money…. good health, happiness, wellness – priceless !
It’s not too late to take control and if you need a little help it’s not too late to come and see me about getting the balance back and getting your health on track. Why not give yourself an early Christmas present and come for a treatment or get a jump start on your New Years resolution ? I also have vouchers available should you wish to give the gift of health to someone you care about.
So here are some photos of our Christmas lunch-to-be. I hope you enjoy this little tour around my garden and that things are flourishing at your house too.
Borage – to attract bees and beneficial bugs and to have as a pretty addition to salads and drinks.
Tomatoes, zuchinis and flowering leeks.
A no dig bed based on permaculture principles – companion planting and soil enrichment to grow super healthy plants without the use of fertilisers or chemicals.
Dinner !!!
Wishing all my clients, Facebook friends and blog followers and very happy and calm Christmas and all good health for the New Year.
I look forward to seeing you soon.

7 thoughts on “The moral of the story ….

  1. treeleaflover December 14, 2012 / 6:55 am

    I wished I lived in an area where I could grow all this stuff outside during this time of year! Beautiful!

      • treeleaflover December 16, 2012 / 9:14 am

        …I’ve actually been thinking about relocating within the next few years.. Not sure yet. Has to be a warmer climate though!

  2. ladyladylike December 16, 2012 / 2:43 pm

    @treeleaflover – that same thought crossed my mind when I saw how beautiful those plants were coming along! I’m in Austin, Texas and it’s normally not very cold around this time of year, but sometimes we have these cold fronts that come in and wipe out everything in a day, that happened last week, but what a fantastic garden you have going!

    I think it’s so true what’s going on with Christmas time- I’ve realized that it seems the gifts can get in the way of seeing what’s beautiful about Christmas (I’ll speak for myself, anyway) which is the people and the life we’re thankful for. Lovely post!

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