Christmas, honesty and setting limits …


Ok, so the crazy season is fast approaching. As much as it can be a time of great happiness… good food, time with friends and family, watching little kids throw away the presents and play with the box instead…. it can also be quite challenging.

As part of my focus on gratitude I am aware of the incredible blessings of my life. Beautiful children and family, lovely friends, food, water, shelter and love. Who could ask for more?

I am also aware that even with all the big stuff in place, and particularly if you are not as blessed, Christmas can be a trying time. Isolation, family conflict, financial stress or the grief of the people who are no longer here can all make for a lot less ho ho ho and can leave you feeling like you just wish it would all quietly roll on to January and be done with it.

So what to do ? Firstly I would urge you to check out some of the wise and helpful musings of Ingrid Poulson and her blogpost on “Christmas driving you crackers”  for a dose of helpful ideas. Secondly, I would suggest that you try what we are doing this year.

My policy this year, as far as dealing with Christmas stuff, is to be honest and set limits to what is ok for me and my family. Some health issues and wide family commitments have meant that we are not up for the big Christmas shebang this year. Normally I love cooking up the vego feast and all the oohing and aahing of presents and crackers but this year we are just not there and that’s ok.

By speaking the truth and simply saying “we have stuff going on and although we love you all we just need a little down time and some Christmas calm this year” things are turning out to be completely ok. We are actually looking forward to a simple day, no stress, no fuss, yummy food, a few little gifts.

So if you are feeling the pressure or are overwhelmed by it all and feel the need to rethink things why not try honesty. You may just be surprised by how well it is received. By being honest and setting limits you not only honour yourself and the needs of your family but you also open yourself up to the empathy and compassion of the people who love you most.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming Christmas time recipes….


2 thoughts on “Christmas, honesty and setting limits …

  1. Africanaussie December 3, 2012 / 12:54 am

    So well put, I have been making handmade gifts which I love to do, and we will have the family around for a swim and then a simple meal. One gift each, and lets get back to the reason for the season.

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