The benefits of doing nothing ….


A couple of nights ago I was watching TV with my daughter Georgie. An ad came on for some new multivitamin product claiming it would give you energy to keep going all day, non stop, rushing around like crazy – but that’s ok because you have taken your pills and now you need never stop !

Amazingly, in a quiet and knowing way, Georgie said “why is never stopping, or resting or being quiet seen as such a good thing?” – and she was absolutely right. We are caught up in a vortex of doing. Of rushing from one thing to another and wondering where the days went. I am as guilty as anyone of saying’ where did the day, week, year go?”

I feel fortunate to have a good life balance of running my clinic from a studio at my home, working a day or two a week away from home, looking after my family and still having enough time to garden, read and cook. And I still often feel rushed. So I am wondering how so many people cope with such a distinct lack of unplanned, unaccounted for, nothing much going on time. No wonder so many people are dealing with health issues related to stress, lack of exercise and the perils of convenience food.

So this is my challenge for you this weekend – find an hour or two for nothing. Leave space for some quiet. Open up to the possibility that there are benefits to slowing down for a while. See what happens- maybe something great will come from it, or maybe not, maybe you will just remember how good it is to feel calm.


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