Gratitude – what I’ve learned in a week


One week ago I took up the challenge set by Ingrid Mason ( to start a years worth of daily gratitude. Ingrid has just completed her 365 days of thankfulness and it was inspiring, entertaining and often humbling to read her posts.

In my daily life I try to be grateful for the incredible wealth of love, health and support that has come my way. I hope that by documenting it I will find a greater depth of awareness and who knows what else may come from it ??

In all honesty, I had some reservations. Would I seem a bit trite? Was anyone actually interested in the things I am grateful for?  I stumbled upon Ingrid’s blog post (do yourself a favour and read it at on reaching the end of her 365 days and I was heartened to read that she had the same concerns. Her idea that people might think her a bit “Pollyanna-ish” struck a chord with me.

Being grateful doesn’t mean that you don’t live in the real world. It doesn’t mean that things don’t go pear shaped sometimes. It just means, to me anyway, that there is another focus and when things are not quite going to plan rather than complaining and worrying my focus will hopefully go to what I can feel thankful for in that situation.

It’s not always easy but the really worthwhile things seldom are.

I don’t doubt that throughout the year ahead I will repeat myself because somethings are just too good to be thankful for just once – my incredible children and husband, fresh picked vegetables, the trust of clients, the joy of great friends – but please bear with me. I am sure too that there will be days when I am struggling to find something to be grateful for but perhaps those are the days when this exercise will be most valuable.

So what have I learned so far ? I have decided that the people who are interested will read and those who aren’t won’t and that’s ok. That this is a process which hopefully will give me a greater sense of appreciation and may just inspire someone else as Ingrid did for me.

So here is Day 8 – Thank you Ingrid for the inspiration. I am also thankful for this lovely moment when I am watching my daughter help my son with his homework – I love that my kids are not just siblings but friends too.


One thought on “Gratitude – what I’ve learned in a week

  1. Africanaussie November 22, 2012 / 11:27 pm

    I read a book “simple abundance” by Sara Breathneath years ago and it took you through a year of find pleasures in everyday occurrences. I think we just need to be more aware and making it a year long venture is a wonderful thing to do. it will makes others reading it more aware of their blessings.

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