Food – keeping it simple and getting it right…


I have spoken to a few people lately who seem to have some real issues with food – what to cook, finding time to make it, hating the whole process, eating junk because it’s quick and in the cupboard….

Ok, I can appreciate that times can be at a premium and that cooking is not everyone’s favourite pass time but the thing is that we all need to do it, our lives and health depend on it and it just tastes good !

So here we go, my tips for getting your head in a better space when it comes to eating.

1. Food is fuel but that’s not all it is….. sure we need food to provide nutrients and fuel our bodies and of course that is the major role but spare a thought for the magic that happens between someone planting a seed and it ending up on your plate as something much grander. Better still, grow something yourself and marvel at the process.

Take time to eat and enjoy each others company – make it a ritual. It works for you on so many levels and teaches your kids the value of good nutrition.

2. Don’t eat things you cant pronounce – keep it simple, fresh and generally plant based. If you look at the ingredients and don’t recognise it I think its safe to say that its probably not good for you.

3. Stick to things that were once in the ground … fruit, vegetables ,herbs, grains, soy products, cereals, nuts, seeds – you cant wrong with this stuff.

4. Honour the process – it has taken a lot of time and resources to bring that food to your fridge or table so treat it with respect.

5. Get some recipe books, or check out the ideas on this blog, and get creative. Try something new, surprise your taste buds and yourself.

6. Have some old favourites at hand – nothing is more comforting, time efficient and welcome than a great recipe you know off by heart that you can whip together in under 30 minutes. Some of our classics include chickpea curry, spinach pies, corn and sweet potato fritters and Nettie’s zuchini soup.

7. Get organised – make the time to make good food a priority. Have a cull of your pantry – throw out the junk and stock up on the versatile basics that will provide you with many meals.

Cut up your fruit – don’t leave it lying in the bowl on the bench – make some tasty fruit salad to have for breakfast, snacks and for after dinner treats – I promise you it will get eaten. Our favourite at the moment is a mix of pineapple, papaya, watermelon, rockmelon and mango – full of taste, helpful digestive enzymes and vitamins galore.

Make big batches of the meals you like and put some in the freezer or fridge for quick meals or lunches.


One thought on “Food – keeping it simple and getting it right…

  1. humanistdisciple November 21, 2012 / 10:59 pm

    I love this! North America’s diet really could use more FOOD and less CRAP. We would all be healthier, we would see the obesity epidemic(75% of Americans are overweight or obese!) begin to fade, and we would be taking a huge step towards solving world hunger. the ptoential for positive change we have is unbelievable, and I am honestly quite excited for when the world truely taps into this potential.

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