Vege patch dining

Last night was one of those nights when, within 15 minutes and a trip to the vege patch, we had a truly scrummy feast on our plates and we were looking at each other and grinning like idiots at our incredible good fortune.

You all know that I am mad for my garden, our my ‘happy place’ as it’s known in the family but I think my beloved is almost as keen simply because it means we can eat real food that is clean, good for you and as tasty as heaven on a plate.

I picked a bunch of baby carrots, quartered them and threw them in a frypan with some olive oil, garlic, fennel seeds and pine nuts and let them get all soft and sweet. We had another pan going where we simply flash fried some leeks, sprouting broccoli and spinach. My partner in crime cracked a couple of eggs from our feathery girls on to his and we slurped it all down with some bread. Simple, delicious, good for you. I love food that tastes this good and you can feel righteous about. Who said that eating well is hard ???

Just a little bit of effort, some sunshine water and love and there you have it.

To replace what was harvested I have today planted more fennel, celeriac, three types of tomatoes and lots of purple carrots.

To get started on your own vegetable heaven odyssey check out some of these suppliers of heirloom, non hybrid fruit and vege seeds and plants –


Eden Seeds

The Lost Seed

If you are looking for a hastier approach some of these companies sell seedlings and plants. Try your local nursery, farmers market.  Bunnings Hardware stocks Diggers heirloom seedlings.

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