Frantic Friday


It’s been a bit of a week – lots and lots of things to do and I have found myself getting just a bit frantic. So much for all my talk about staying stress free and keeping the balance in your life. Fortunately this is pretty unusual for me so I guess I’m not much good at it.

I got home last night to find my beloved greeting me with a smile big enough to light up the world and a bunch of flowers on the bench to cheer me. I proceeded to talk loudly and fast without really listening and hardly drawing breath between my various rants. We had a conversation that I can’t even remember and I was so busy writing mental lists that I really wasn’t paying any attention at all. I was stuck somewhere in my blender head and so it went… on and on and on…I decided to write a blog about it all and just as I realised how crazy I was being the internet dropped out and I lost everything I had written. Tears were close and all my good intentions went out the window. I think we have all had days like this. Hopefully they are few and far between.

I lay on the couch and sulked for a bit. Again my beloved stepped up – rubbing my feet quietly while I calmed down.

I went to bed last night then spent way too long tossing and turning and woke a few times in the night still making those mental lists and thinking about all the things I was yet to do. Ok, enough now. There is only one thing to do … STOP !  Get a grip ! Calm down…

I woke up this morning feeling a little frazzled and again, you guessed it, Super Husband strikes again with a cup of tea in bed and a big squeeze before he headed off on his own incredibly busy day. It’s a very fortunate thing to be so well loved when you probably least deserve it.

It is so easy to get on the crazy train. When I am frantic I am ineffective, stressy and not all that nice to be around and I don’t want to be that person at all. So what to do now ? Well I am going to read my book, be still and quiet for a while and then I am going to go and find that husband of mine and tell him what a blessing he is to me. I guess if that doesn’t work there is always valerian !

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