Adrenal fatigue …. do you fit the bill ??

Adrenal fatigue is incredibly common and remains largely undiagnosed. It affects about 20% of the population, rising to about 70% during times of physical, emotional or psychological stress. The tell tale signs are :

  1. You feel tired for no reason.
  2. You have trouble getting up in the morning, feel foggy or can have an overwhelming sense of lethargy.
  3. You feel rundown and are easily overwhelmed.
  4. You have difficulty bouncing back from stress or illness.
  5. You crave salty and sweet snacks.
  6. You may feel more awake, alert and energetic in the evening than you do all day.
  7. You have an underactive thyroid, are menopausal or have been dealing with chronic or acute illness.
  8. You lead a stressful life which leaves you little time for relaxation or exercise.
  9. You are dealing with mental health issues or high levels of physical or emotional stress.
  10. You feel a sense of low grade depression and a lowered libido.

If you identify with these symptoms you need to have things checked out.

With a reduction in adrenal function every organ and system in your body is affected. Changes occur in your carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, fluid and electrolyte balance, heart and cardiovascular system.  Biochemical and cellular levels change to compensate for the decrease in adrenal hormones that occurs with adrenal fatigue. Your body does its best to make up for under-functioning adrenal glands but it comes at a price.

The adrenal glands sit above the kidneys and are responsible for the secretion of about 50 hormones. Along with metabolic and stress functions the adrenals also act to balance blood glucose and blood pressure and are hugely important for immunity.

There is lots that can be done to help overcome adrenal fatigue. Herbal medicines and nutritional supplements along with some simple lifestyle changes can make all the difference.

Want to feel better ? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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