“Captain Planet, Super Clean, Money Saving Whiz Kid”


Ok, this may not be strictly naturopathic and I am also not in the business of endorsing products but I am feeling like such a ” Captain Planet, Super Clean, Money Saving Whiz Kid” at the moment that I have to share the joy.

Some of you may remember that I went to the Sydney Sustain Show on the weekend and bought myself some soap nuts to try ( http://www.gogreenathome.com.au – and no, I do not receive any money for this ). I have noticed these little marvels in magazines before and have wanted to see if they actually worked so decided to give them a go.

In my household of five the washing machine is pretty much on the go constantly. Today I have done two loads of washing, made 500mls of multipurpose cleaning spray and washed my floors all with 6 soap nuts.

I boiled them up for 10 minutes in water to make cleaner, then I put them in their dinky little calico bag and did a couple of loads of washing. Lastly I threw them in a bucket of hot water, whisked them up a bit to get foamy and washed my floors.

By my reckoning this cost about 90 cents. Yes, you heard me correctly. I have also avoided all the travel miles of shop bought laundry liquid and cleaning products, there are no nasty plastic bottles for the recycle bin, I haven’t used one chemical and the little handful of leftover nuts gets tossed neatly into our worm farm.

If you are at all interested in reducing your waste and chemical load then why not give them a go ?

Call me a domestic goddess or eco warrior if you want – all I know is that my house is clean and so is my conscience.

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