An apple a day…


I went to the Sustain Expo in Sydney yesterday. It was a great day and I had the opportunity to speak to some people who really knew their stuff. These people were really interested in health, the planet and championing the cause of safe and effective natural medicine. Hooray !

I picked up some Soap Nuts so no more washing detergent and crazy amounts of packaging for me. Had some great lunch from the Agape Organic Food Truck – potato, leek and quinoa croquettes with tomato sauce and garlic cream . Spoke to the happy folk at the Natural Health and Living stand and saw more organic food, skin care and home ware products than I knew existed. I was happily among my own kind and loving all the great stuff on offer from people who care about what they sell and how it’s produced.

There were some great speakers too – lots of topics from permaculture to food security, balcony gardens to yoga. One talk was hosted by a woman who, until recently, worked for Choice magazine. They were surveying the age of produce in supermarkets. Their study revealed the average age of Woolworths/Coles apple as …… drumroll please……. 8 MONTHS ! Yuk. Would you ever really chose to eat a piece of fruit this old which has been gassed, waxed, refrigerated for months on end, shined up and plonked on the shelf ???

So what’s the answer ?  Get to know your green grocer, shop locally and ask about the history of what you are buying. Vote with your wallet by refusing to buy substandard, manipulated food. Apart from the gross factor, it’s important to know that the nutritional density of an 8 month old apple is significantly lower than a fresh one and if you can manage to buy or grow organically you get the added benefit of no hidden nasties.

If you are keen to keep the doctor away with an apple a day make sure it’s a fresh one !

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One thought on “An apple a day…

  1. Jeanette July 23, 2012 / 7:36 am

    Very disturbing and interesting ! Thanks for the heads up… Thank goodness for the fabulous vege shop in Richmond !!!!

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