The Hunger Games …


I have just finished reading all three books in the Hunger Games series and boy were they obsessed with food, or should I say the lack of it. We are blessed with such fantastic fresh foods but still we often crave things which aren’t great for our health.

It’s important to identify if your cravings are physical or emotional/psychological. If you’ve just been through a bad break up and need ice cream, a movie and a blanket who am I to deny you ? But, if you are eating junky, sugary, fatty, salty foods on a daily basis maybe there is a physical reason why you are craving it.

What are you craving ? Could be a sign of a deficiency.. check out the list below and see if it rings any bells …

If you are craving      ———          You may need more

Ice                                                Iron

Sugar                                            Chromium or tryptophan

Chocolate                                      Magnesium or B vitamins

Bread                                            Nitrogen

Fried foods                                    Calcium or protein

Alcohol                                          Protein

Premenstrual cravings                    Zinc

Call me today if you need some help getting your health and diet back on track.

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