Know the feeling ?  It’s been one of those weeks. It seems like I haven’t stopped and there hasn’t been any time made for the things that keep me healthy and sane ! My fuse is feeling kind of short and my head is a blender of thoughts and to do lists.

I guess we all need these times to remind us of how important it is to stop and breathe. It’s hard to always be on top of things and life just gets a little crazy sometimes so my aim for today is to slow my heart rate a bit, read my book, cook some food, tend my vege patch,  spend some time with my trio of lovely children and warm up by the fire.

I can already hear my little inner cranky person chiding me ” you haven’t been to the gym since Monday !!!!” but I am just going to turn down the volume on that one today and start again next week.

I hope you all have a lovely, restful, healthy weekend.

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