Herb of the Week – Milk Thistle


Milk thistle, also known as St Mary’s thistle or silymarin, provides proven protection for liver cells against toxins and poisons and is a strong liver healing agent.

It is helpful in the treatment of most liver complaints such as hepatitis, cirrhosis and enlarged liver and is also beneficial in the treatment of jaundice and infection. Milk Thistle can also play a supporting role in the treatment of alcoholism and cancer, particularly breast and prostate. It has been used extensively to support cancer treatment patients to significantly reduce the side effects and recuperation times of patients receiving chemotherapy.

There are many products on the market which contain milk thistle but it is worth seeing a qualified naturopath if you feel you could benefit from this herb. Most products on the supermarket shelf contain milk thistle leaves which only have about 1/10th of the efficacy of the fruit of this plant and really aren’t good value for money or likely to have much of a positive impact on your health.

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