The time of your life…


The love of my life was just showing me some old photos of his family. You know the ones… grandparents,  funny old cars, embarrassing baby shots and people wearing wierd looking swimmers… when we came across a few of his Mum back when he was a wee bairn.

Oh boy, what a model. She was truly beautiful ( and still is now ). There she was in her cut away white mini dress with a little red haired baby boy on her hip looking like one of those 70’s glam girls from a Fanta ad.

Anyway, this afternoon I spent some time with a very sweet girl in her teens who is talented and compassionate and beautiful and she was telling me about how she feels so self conscious sometimes. I have two daughters and I want to tell them all the time that they are in the prime of their gorgeousness.

And yet, I started thinking that we are all in the prime of our lives. If we are breathing in and out, have health and someone to love then this is the time to be thankful for. It’s only natural to look back on those old photos and think how thin and pretty we were but hey, we are still here and although we may have a few crinkles around our eyes lets be thankful for all the smiles that put them there.

Gratitude day 17 – Today I am grateful for all 42 of my years.


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