Better to light a candle than scourge the darkness

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your health issues ? Do you always feel guilty that you aren’t exercising, are eating too much, drinking wine, a bit overweight ? Do you feel sick of looking for answers to why you feel so tired, depressed, in pain ? Sounds like you need some help getting some direction.

Maybe it’s time to stop beating yourself up about all the ‘bad’ things you are doing and get a new attitude about all the good things you can do.

Change can be hard but getting sick is even harder. Make a list today of some simple things you can do to change for the better.

* Make an appointment to see a naturopath to help you make a plan to get well and stay well
* Go for a walk
* Eat more fruit and veg
* Make time to see family and friends
* Do something you really like

It’s time to be kind to yourself and value your health. What are you waiting for ?

Call today 02 45677104 0414 298645


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