Baby talk ….

Are you pregnant or planning a baby soon ? Go to any pharmacy and you will see the pregnancy vitamins lined up on the shelves. It’s important to get the facts on what you and your baby need before you start relying on these products.
A recent survey conducted by some of Australia’s most respected naturopaths found that some leading brand prenatal and breastfeeding formula vitamins lacked essential nutrients vital to expectant mothers and their babies. Although many contained the vitamins and minerals needed they weren’t supplied in a quantity that could be considered therapeutic so really weren’t meeting the requirement nor did they provide value for money.
While most products contain high amounts of folate well known to be necessary during pregnancy, they often leave out important, synergistic and essential nutrients needed such as other B-group vitamins, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Calcium, Zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids that are also important for Mums and their babies.
It is obviously important to have a healthy diet, and many nutritional needs can be met through eating well but a supplement is a good idea to ensure healthy baby development and that Mums have the energy they need to deal with the extra demands of pregnancy. It’s also important to consider that some Mums suffer with morning sickness (or all day sickness like I did !) and this makes it really difficult to meet your needs through diet.
Its also worth seeking advice about the use of nutritional medicine to minimise the incidence of inherited conditions such as ezcema and asthma being passed on to your child. It can also reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and arthritis later in life.
It’s good to remember that it takes two to tango and Dad’s need to consider their health before conception. 50% of cases of infertility and miscarriage can be traced back to male fertility issues. The healthy development of the placenta is also reliant on paternal chromosomes so it’s vital to optimise male fertility prior to conceiving.
For the best start for your baby and to optimise the health of your family call today.


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