You eat well and exercise and still don’t feel great. Here’s the answer…..


Food is simply not what it used to be. Our soils are poor, we don’t eat seasonally, our food is grown using fertilisers, herbicids and pesticides. The nutrients that exist in home grown, organically produced food are vastly different to those found in our supermarkets and green grocers.  Our food is grown in unnatural ways – monocultures and other intensive farming practices which deplete the soil and produces sub standard food.

Unless we are growing our own food, organically in healthy soils with non genetically modified seeds and raising our our animals in healthy ways there is no way we can be getting what we need and avoiding the things we don’t

I love to grow food so this is a pleasure for me. I know that not everyone is into gardening so we need to be aware of the sources of our food, the quality and the things we may need to supplement in order to look after our health and that of our families.

Most people I see in my practice benefit from supplements of vitamins or minerals. I take a good quality multivitamin daily as a kind of insurance policy against the things I may be lacking and the havoc that these deficiencies can reek on my health.

For other people a more tailored approach is necessary, especially if you have specific health problems or have circumstances such as stress, high levels of exercise, dietary lack or over indulgences.

Our bodies need vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes in order to perform well for us. We need them for energy production, brain function, immune protection, disease control, mental health and hormone production.

Some common signs of nutritional deficiencies include headaches, muscle pain, fatigue, brain fog, depression, anxiety, weight loss or gain, poor wound healing, skin conditions such as acne and eczema, restless legs or muscle cramps, recurrent infections and dry skin.

I know many people don’t like to take supplements. Why not call today so I can tailor a plan specific to your needs. Take what you need and nothing that you don’t.


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