Herb of the Week – Hawthorn


Hawthorn is the mother of all cardiac and circulatory herbs. It is a potent cardiac tonic and acts to reduce blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, increases blood flow and provides protection against free radical amamge.

The antioxidant powers of this herb are effective in destroying free radicals which damage cell membranes and can adversely affect DNA. This is particularly important as we get older as the presence of free radicals increase with age. Free radicals are associated with premature aging, cancer and heart disease so the less we have the better.

Apart from the free radical protection, hawthorn also helps to dilate blood vessels, increase arterial blood flow and protect against blood vessel damage.

Hawthorn acts to normalise heart function and is a great tool in the treatment of heart weakness, high blood pressure, palpitations, angina and to protect against artherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

I often use this herb where there is a family history of high blood pressure, stroke or heart attack to provide protection and reduce strain on the cardio and circulatory systems.

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