Technology and my stress-o-meter


Well, I have been officially hacked. Some of you may have had the strange experience of receiving emails from me trying to sell you weird products or asking you to provide bank details. I have now deleted my old email account so if it doesn’t come from it’s not from me.

As a result I now have a brand new, shiny, squeaky clean email address –

Technology huh ! Great when it works, seven levels of hell when it doesn’t. My stress levels have been firing trying to work out how to change my details with subscriptions, accounts, suppliers and clients. It has been far more time consuming than I imagined and all because someone is misusing my stuff. Not fair.

Enter stage left a little dose of perspective – today I had a brief but meaningful conversation with a lovely woman who told me that she had been dealing with a cancer diagnosis but was remaining optimistic about her treatment and prognosis – nothing puts you in your place like the Big C.

I have also been listening to an audio book in my car trying to make some better use of the ridiculous amount of time I spend there. Steve and Lindy, lovely family members who cover many roles “parents in law/ friends /super grandparents”  recently sent me some CDs of a book called Rebel Buddha. I have taken my mantra from it ” More dharma, less drama ”

I am always talking about the health dangers of stress so I’m trying to walk the talk. I hope that the stresses of your day are small and manageable and that you are lucky enough, like me , to get some reminders to keep breathing in and out when you need them.


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