Are you an optimist ?


I have just spent some of the day with my friend Martin. He is the quintessential optimist and is one of the most robustly healthy people I know. I don’t think I have ever seen him with so much as a cold ( certainly not like the one I have now !)

It got me thinikng about the health benefits of being a ‘glass half full person” so I did some research and have discovered some amazing studies which support the notion that having a positive and optimistic approach not only reduces your risk of mental health issues but also impacts positively on your physical health.

One study of 97000 women measured their general sense of optimism and found that over a 15 year period the group who were more positive and resillient had significantly lower levels of heart disease, vascular disease and cancer.

It’s been proven that happiness, laughter and positivity have great physiological benefits boosting immune responses, reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. It also increases lifespan, reduces our responses to pain and keeps us healthier for longer than more pessimistic people.

Life will always throw a few curve balls and we can’t be happy all the time but it is certainly worth considering ways to make your general attitude one of positivity and optimism.

Be grateful, maintain perspective, exercise, foster good relationships, have some fun, do what makes you happy. Be well.


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