The facts on red meat


Meat eaters be warned – you are not going to like what you hear. It’s time to have a long hard look at your meat consumption and to decide whether you want to keep consuming foods that give you heart disease, cancer and ramp up your risk of early death. Harsh but true – read on.

A Harvard University study has tracked 120,000 people over 28 years to asses the affects of red meat in diet.

Particpants who ate unprocessed read meat daily (a palm sized portion) showed a 13% increased risk of premature death. For those who ate processed red meats the risk jumped to 20%.

Red meats, especially processed ones like salami, bacon and hot dogs, contain nitrites, preservatives, colourings, carcinogens and salt. Both processed and unprocessed meats are high in saturated fats and can lead to heart disease, high cholesterol levels and cancer.

The facts are in and you know what to do. Significantly limit your intake of red meat if you want to look after your heart, live longer and reduce your risk of bowel cancer. Why not kick off the week with ‘Meatless Mondays”.

The risks associated with eating other meats such as poultry and fish are significantly less. For a healthy, risk free option why not give other forms of protein such as tofu, eggs, beans and nuts a try.

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