Men’s health – not feeling as great as you used to ????


Men’s health often takes a back seat. Men seem to be reluctant to ask for help but I am encouraged by the clients I am seeing – usually at the encouragement of their women partners !

One of the most common and treatable conditions affecting men is ANDROPAUSE. You guessed it, a kind of male menopause.

Andropause is a term we use to describe symptoms such as loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, nervousness, irritability, loss of muscle mass and strength, poor memory and concentration, brain fog and insomnia.  I know this all sounds a bit awful but not everyone gets all symptoms – often it’s just a few things which are troubling you so don’t be put off.

Adropause occurs due to a gradual decline in hormone production – mostly DHEA and testosterone. This decline naturally starts at around age 35 and results in an approximate 10% decline in hormone production every dacade after 30. Other factors which influence andropause include thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, stress, cigarettes, alcohol, inflammation, autoimmune diseases and poor diet.

About 1:200 men under 60 and 1:10 over 60 have significantly lowered levels of testosterone. Low levels of testosterone

The good news is that there are simple ways to address these issues and have you feeling better and on your way back to your old self. Herbal medicines, nutritional supplements and some simple lifestyle and dietary changes can make all the difference.

Make an appointment – Feel better.

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