Zen and the art of bra shopping.


The time had come when the need for new bras outweighed my reticence to go shopping so I got my imaginary space helmet on and entered that strange planet called the shopping plaza.

What’s this got to do with health or naturopathy or happiness you ask ?

Well, while I was trawling the aisles for potential bras I noticed a truly beautiful woman. Tall, curvy, long auburn hair, clear skin and a couple of beautiful little children with her in a double pram. They were singing Wiggles songs and pulling bras off the racks and Mum was singing along with them and generally looking like a woman happy with her lot.

We all headed to the change rooms and when I was heading out I noticed that she was struggling to get the pram into the change room so I offered to be with her kids for a few minutes while she tried on a bra in peace. In went a happy, albeit little bit frazzled, super groovy Mum and to my sad surprise out came a teary eyed, sad looking woman. When I asked her if she was ok she told me that buying clothes made her feel like crying and that she wished she was 20 kilos lighter. It took just a few minutes on her own in her underwear to take this happy, singing Mum to a place of tears and despair.

My point is that healthy and happy doesn’t have to mean skinny and it seems that too many women are allowing themselves to feel less than they are just because they are a bit curvy or not the size they were 10 years ago. I am guilty of this myself but am trying hard to knock those thoughts down when they come.

Eat well, get some exercise, treat yourself with respect, surround yourself with people who love you and then forget about what the scales say. Life’s too short to be spent trying to “outkit the kittens”.

Gratitude Day 14 – I am grateful that I came home today to a husband who cherishes me and tells me that I am beautiful even when I’m in the garden in my daggy gardening clothes spreading compost.

One thought on “Zen and the art of bra shopping.

  1. Jeanette May 20, 2012 / 8:42 am

    Bra shopping can make anybody weep!! And being skinny is not what it’s cracked up to be…… Curves are definitely preferable to boney hips and sunken cheek bones… 🙂

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