The Top 10 Herbs for Women.

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These herbs are essential to any naturopaths toolkit when dealing with health issues specific to women.

They are safe, effective and best of all, don’t come with the nasty side effects often associated with synthetic hormone treatments

1. BUPLEURUM – This herb is commonly used to treat PMT. It has a calming and pain relieving effect and is also a fantastic herb for liver support. Its hormone normalising function helps to deal with headache, stress, anxiety, fluid retention, mood swings and breast pain.

2. ANGELICA – Angelica is sometimes known as dong quia and is commonly used to help support red blood cell function and to regulate prostaglandin activity which is the cause of most period pains. It is also used effectively in the treatment of endometriosis and infertility.

3. BLACK COHOSH – used to treat menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes by reducing pituitary actions which causes these symptoms. Black cohosh is also known to work effectively by binding to serotonin receptors to calm hormone activity and stabilise brain chemistry.

4. CURCUMA – also known as turmeric, this herb is a powerful anti-inflammatory and cancer preventative.

5. LIQUORICE – this herb is a powerful tool in the treatment of conditions such as PCOS where there is excess testosterone. Symptoms of PCOS include weight gain, erratic or missed periods, facial hair, acne and infertility. This herb is normally combined with PEONY to stimulate ovulation.

6.WITHANIA – withatleast10%ofwomenover35showing signs of thyroid dysfunction this herb acts to support the thyroid gland. Low thyroid function can lead to a myriad of symptoms such as weight gain, loss of periods, depression, dry skin and hair, fatigue, memory problems. Withania is a strong antioxidant and protects the thyroid gland against autoimmune disorders

7.VITEX – alsoknownasCHASTETREEthisherbisfantastic for normalising menstrual cycles, infertility and painful periods.

8.COLEUS – used primarily for weight loss due to its positive effect on stimulating fat burning enzymes such as lipase. It also assists weight loss by stimulating thyroid function, ramping up a sluggish digestive/metabolic system and improves insulin sensitivity.

9.SHATAVARI – does you libido need a boost? This ayurvedic herb has long been used as a female tonic and contains chemical compounds known as saponins which stimulate hormone function in women leading to healthier sexual function.

10. SCHISANDRA – antiaging properties due to high antioxidant levels. Look great for longer !


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