Hay fever and the value of friendship


AAAARRRGGGHHH – I am sniffling, my eyes are itchy and my head feels foggy. You guessed it folks, HAY FEVER.

We have an enormous spruce tree just down the hill from our bedroom window and in an attempt to ruin my day it’s sending out yellow pollen like there is no tomorrow. It’s on everything you touch and no amount of wiping and dusting is going to slow that thing down.

So, what’s the solution ? I am dosing myself up with eyebright and elecampane, zinc, vitamins A C & E and today I am definitely feeling better. It’s still there – the tree and the hayfever – but it’s manageable and didn’t involve a single squirt of steroids up my nose !

Did you know that I offer fast appointments ( around 20 minutes) for acute concerns like hayfever, colds and flu ? It’s quick, affordable and effective.

Gratitude day 12 – I spent the afternoon yesterday with my fantastic pal Sam. We don’t get to see each other as often as I’d like but when we do she is a balm for my soul. She is smart, funny, gorgeous and the best Mum I know so today I am feeling grateful for her presence in my life x


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