STRESS !!!!!


Stress is a killer, literally. There are many forms of stress and the most common are acute and chronic stress.

Acute stress, where you are reacting to a specific incident or occurence is not always bad and often helps us to giddy up and deal with difficult situations. We all know how it is to feel stressed in traffic jams or when your car breaks down and we also know that this type of stress response abates fairly quickly once the problem is resolved.

The nastier side of stress is chronic stress. This type of stress can feel never ending and is the kind that can really take a toll on our sense of wellbeing and  health. Chronic stress can become part of our lives when difficult things feel like they have taken over -such as an unhappy relationship, taxing job, debilitating illness, family issues, financial worries.

When we are chronically stressed our bodies are pumping out adrenalin and cortisol causing all sorts of unwanted body responses which affect our health in lots of ways. Our normal relaxation responses which stop this ‘fight and flight’ response just doesn’t work well enough to keep things in check and we are at risk of developing lots of physical issues such as headaches, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, hairloss, diabetes, thyroid and adrenal disorders, increased risks for heart disease and cancers.

This list of horrors is enough to make anyone feel stressed ! The good news is there is lots you can do to minimise stress in your life and take control of your health.

A good diet, quality sleep, making some changes to reduce your exposure to stressors, exercise, having some daily fun, counselling and herbal medicines can help you get back on track and bring your quality of life back to a place you can feel happier about. We only get one life, do you really want to spend it feeling overwhelmed, worried and angry ?

Call me today to see how I can support you in making some great choices for yourself and your health.

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