Sustainability, health and happiness


I went to the fruit and vegetable store this morning. It’s a lovely place full of great food and has the added bonus that my daughter works there after school. People always seem a lot happier in a fruit shop than a big supermarket.

I walked past the herb section and kind of gasped when I saw that a small bunch of tired looking basil, not even enough for a bowl of pesto really, was almost $5.

At the moment my faithful, bountiful and long serving vege patch is pumping out basil at a rate we can’t keep up with. I am giving it away to friends and we are eating lots of it. Bearing in mind that this is the end of the basil season and things really should be slowing down by now.

All this basil started from a 99c packet of seeds, of which I used only about 1/4 of a packet. I would estimate that I have picked at least 20 big bunches so far.

Anyway, the point of my long winding tale is that I had a great time turning over that soil, sowing those seeds and watching them emerge. I stood in the sun and lovingly watered them and now they are paying me back in a big way for showing them just a little bit of love. From a 99c packet of seeds they have certainly paid their way.

I have also loved making pesto with my kids, watching my husband throw it in to stir fries like its going out of fashion and giving it away for others to enjoy.

This abundance of yummy has travelled no food miles, contains no pesticides or chemicals of any type, is totally organic, delicious and good for you.

That’s what I call sustainable, organic and healthy. Oh yeah, and it makes me really happy.

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