The winter blues

Many of us suffer from low mood during the winter months. Sometimes it is just a case of the dark, cold days getting us down, vitamin deficiency or life stresses. Some people have a very distinct annual ‘down time’ which coincides with winter and for these people it is important to get the help you need before the blues set in.

If you feel that you could do with a mood boost or if you are suffering with any of the following symptoms don’t feel you have to deal with it alone. I can help and you would be surprised by just how common this seasonal low mood is.

Herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, counselling and diet and lifestyle help can get you back on track and breezing through winter feeling better than ever.

Common symptoms of low mood include difficulty concentrating, persistent sadness, fatigue, irritability, weight fluctuations, sleeplessness, low libido and anger.

Call me today to see how I can help. 02 45677104   0414 298645

Gratitude Day 4 :  I am grateful and humbled by the trust of my clients in sharing their stories with me.


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