Going with the flow of things


I was playing squash on Thursday with my lovely husband and had a bit of an altercation with the wall leaving me with one very sore hand. The arnica cream is helping and I am certainly getting better at doing things with my left hand but it’s kind of wearing thin.

We are having some friends over for dinner tonight and I am learning patience making gozleme and baklava ( keep an eye out for recipes in my next newsletter)  with one hand. I am going slowly, kneading the dough as a leftie, brushing the pastry slowly and carefully, cleaning up the house in a less frantic and rushed way than I am used to.

It’s hard sometimes to slow the pace of our lives and thoughts. It can take a sore hand to pull us back to a more calm and mindful way of doing things and even though I don’t like pain I am kind of enjoying the process.

And so, I have decided to try to be more mindful by blogging something every day that makes me feel grateful or more fulfilled. In this way I hope to keep my mind healthy while the good food and squash playing looks after my body. I would love to hear about what you feel grateful for and what keeps you well.

Gratitude Day 1 : I am grateful for the slowing of the pace of things and for friends, family and gozleme.


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